Refilling a Bitubo

Any one knows how can I refill a Bitubo shock absorber?
The gas in the container is Nitrogen, but where can I find a refilling Kit? in SIP Shop? in a mechanic shop? oficial dealer of vespa?? WHERE?

thx [:D]

You don`t have to use nitrogen. You can use regular air.

Nitrogen is more stable than air and won`t expand as much as air does when the shock becomes hot.

With air, as the shock gets warmer the presure will increase and you might be able to feel the shock getting stiffer.

Look for nitrogen at hotrod shops or off road shops, as many of these new suspensions are filled with nitrogen.

Good Luck.

Hi vespapocalipse,

I refill my two bitubos (front and rear) with air at a scooter shop.
They last one more year doing so, but they start leaking oil. I think the use of air instead of nitrogen blow one of the seals inside the shock.

Be careful …

Little Bab [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]

The use of air is not necessarily the cause of the seals blowing. Putting too much air, or just plain hard riding, is.

Again, you must remember that as the oil in the shock flows through the compression and rebound valves and in and out of the remote reservoir it becomes warm from the friction. Depending on the riding, it can even become hot. Under extreme conditions, when using just air, the presure can change 7-15 psi (.5-1 Bar). You must keep this in mind when filling the shock. Do not exceed the recommended pressure.

Question: Who rebuilds the Bitubo shocks? And, can the older ones be modified to include the rebound adjuster knob?

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