Reference for odering parts for my bajaj CHETAK 125cc

Hi! I would like to restore my Chetak but i don't know what to ordering.

So there is my original Chetak:

and i woulk like to change the seat like that:

or that:

And there is 2 pictures of the original seat:

I want to change the counter too:

like that:

And a last picture, you can see the engine. it isn't the original, it's a 150PX

Hey I just bought one too.  I have the parts manual as well as the shop manual but what I need is what best Vespa model do i use to substitute parts.  Right now I am blowing out lamp bulbs.  Anybody have any suggestions on what might do that?

Some genuine Bajaj parts being advertised for these on eBay UK as Vespa SS parts - obviously not good if you really want SS parts but cool if you really want the Bajaj bits eg Headlamp and rim etc.

Last post to know what legshield trim buy...???


I replaced the voltage regulator with a Ducati type and everything seems good.  Funny thing, the previous owner had replaced all the bulbs with 24volt rated bulbs.  Now all the remaining 24v bulbs are really dim so I'll have to replace those as well.

Thanks for the tip on the 150 Sprint and PX150 motor.  I don't know how the Swedish Bilprovening (car testing) will react when I have a new engine in there.  Anyway that is for years down the road.

I would like to add a new floor rail like that:

or add a star riffled:

and there is the original:

European Rally 200 hedalamp & Rim will fit also ?

My headlamp is broken and i don't find on sip's site headlamp with diameter of 150mm like that:

And i would like to put a headlamp like that but too small:

The Bajaj (export model) part number for the headlamp assy is part number 20-20-1023

for the reflector assy with glass p/n 20-20-1038

head lamp rim p/n 20-20-1002

Our problem seems to be that there are not many Bajaj scoots on the road in europe.  Hence, no spare parts.  I have seen a few offers for part sourcing in India on ebay.

Light bulbs blowing usually either down to vibration or a duff voltage regulator.

Your model is loosely based around a 150 Sprint Veloce so all body parts ( floor kit , seat etc etc) should be compatible.

Engine wise , the world is your oyster with a PX150 motor - loads and loads of opitions in all areas.