Reference for odering parts for my bajaj 150cc ('95)


can anyone tell me what type of vespa i can cross-reference for ordering parts for my bajaj chetak 150cc?

it's a 2-port engine made in 1995.

i would like to order some upgrade parts for this scoot.


thanks for any input.

hannes, belgium.

nobody can help me here?

i wanted to know witch crank i would have to order to replace the one from my bajaj chetak.

it's a 150cc MJ '95,chassisnumber is : 20C94C00854(01)

it's allso a 2 port cilinder :-(

witch cilinder would fit this engine?

i don't want a lazy engine,but still pretty reliable,i don't travel with it,just run around in town.never highway.

i allready have upped the compression and ported al ports and allso fitted the simonini exhaust.

runs much better then in beginning.

been testing with jettings and got better too.

will upgrade soon though for more power...


thanks in advance,


Hi dude


What parts do you need ?

Maybe i can help you ....




I´m sorry  i dont know it for every parts for the bajaj.


When you know exactly what you need you can allwasy ask me and i try to resolve.




ok thank you so far for the ref numbers.

if i want to check for some more kits and parts, wich model doe i use for reference?

for example, do i look for parts fitting in a 150 sprint,or maybe a 125 gtr?

i'm curious what parts i can order to fit mine.


thanks allready !



Hi dude


I recommend you the pinasco cylinder 80520000, the crankshaft 45131000, and a original or a pipe like polini malossi or simonini and the 24 SI  Carburetor 40000000.


For the Clutch it would be helpfull to mount a reinforced basket 93231000.


PS: Dont forget to change the bearings and oilseals if it´s necesary.