I have mounted a Malossi reedvalve and manifold some months ago. Curare said to me and it was totally true that the base is not very flat. I have tried to do it a little more flat with my home tools but I’ve just checked that I have some leakage from there.

I’m just wondering which one of these solutions is the best :

  1. I will fit two base gaskets (between the malossi plate and the engine casings.

  2. I will put some kind of silicon gasket (blue joint Loctite 5926) with the gasket already fitted when mounted.

  3. I will use the two first solutions together.

I need your advice, guys!

Max, we want some news!!!



If you want to do the right thing, go to a workshop and get the surface machined flat.

Otherwice, nr 3.



Thanks for your answer, slidingdog

All right, thanks a lot for the advice.

Can you post a picture of your engine just for see!

I really hesitate, yes or no, many euros!!!

I’m with JuanK, I used to have a Pinasco flywheel on a 210 and the cooling fins came away from the base. Shit that was really scary it jammed under the flywheel cover and locked up the crank!!?. It cost a fortune to get set up again.


Curare your porting is beautiful what tools do you use? Do you think a mirror finish helps- i never bother.

Picture number 2

…but I didn’t get them.

Mikkke,go here and sign up for an account,it’s easy to paste URL’s from.[;)]

(…Vespamalossi doesn’t agree, but he is of the fast and furious mould. No compromise.)

I like it Curare…you hit the nail right on the head with that summary…;D

I just take a picture of the problem :


Agree with LEIF! if you can’t get it machinend, number 3 !
also agree about the malossi not being flat from the start, it would only take them a couple of secs! tossers!;D

I use a sheet of glass, oil some wet & dry to hold it on the glass and lots of elbow grease, you’ll get it flat eventually.

Original von mikkke: Can you explain a little what is "wet and dry", my mother language is french!

Thanks a lot


It’s a type of sandpaper/emerycloth.

Hi All,

I could only find one photo regarding Mallossi reed problems.I think it speaks for its self. If not, I’m sure Curare will answer any questions.

Curare , I’ve got a few more pics on your Mallossi intake porting. Do you want them??


P.S. Is this "The hand of God?’’.

The key to the hp4 flywheels is to remove the screws that hold the fan on and loctite the little bleeders in. This worked on mine. A mate who didn’t do it parted company with the plastic on the way to Ireland this year!

Thanks Leif

Picture number 4

Hi Mikkke!
I use HP4 flywheel on my Polini 177 race, but I would nerver use it on the street. I think it´s to light…
It gives you extra high rews but at the same time extra bad cooling, I have some problem with it during race.
It will kill the clutch and you will have dim lights at low rews.
I would use the elestart one without the ring. 2100 grams and god coolingfins or the PKXL 1800grams.