Reed valves smallframe

Hi, need some advice about fitting a reed valve system to a Mallossi 135 set up. I have been told only to use a full circle crank, but that also some work has to be done to the compression pad, can anyone update me on whats involved on the ins and outs of this thanks.

cut and paste this tediously long link into your browser. There’s a great pic of the milled inlet port together with a view of the inside of the casings, showing how the compression pad has been removed for using a full circle crank.

Thanks for that pictures tell the story, is there anyone out there who has had this done, how much better is it compared to a rotary tuned set up?

try this instead

Question is, will a nicely enlarged casing inlet and matched reed valve manifold provide more power, than the direct intake route (which ain;t too big but supposedly "gives a better charge).



It depends whether you want to use a crankcase or barrel mounted reed valve.

With the Malossi 135 there should be a blanking plate on the front of the cylinder which you can remove and mount the Malossi reed valve setup and a suitable carb (probably a 25mm Dellorto). You will not have to change your crank for this setup, don’t forget to block off the old inlet port on the crankase if you do change to this setup.

Alternatively you can mount a reed valve on the crankcase which requires you to open up and re-shape the port so that the inlet timing is controlled purely by the reed valve (NOT the crank web).

A full circle crank is not a necessity in either case, fitting one will just increase your primary compression slightly.

Hope this helps.