Reed valve on p200e


I have a vespa Sprint (1971) with a P200e inside and a crankshaft "anticipé" (i don't know the world in english")

I would like to put a reed valve to have better carburetting.

can I order this kit 

with a PHB 24 instead of the 30 mm.

or buy this

and adapt this

thank's for your awser



thank's for your answer.

is your engine stock ?

do you have a better carburetting than the original si 24 ?

mines all fully ported, worb 5 crank, ported barrel, 30mm dellorto, mbd reed block

really need a 30mm carb or bigger to run on the 200 with a reed valve of that sort , 24mm not really big enough, i use a 30mm dellorto