Reed valve ? how much more power

Is the switch to fullcircle, reed & associated inlet port re-shaping REALLY such a big boost ? 'fore I spend me hard earned

Due to the ability to have asymetric induction with the Vespa crank induction, a properly timed and ported rotary engine is a very near match to a Vespa reed motor. Normally the route of a reed tune is taken when the sealing pad in the cases is knackered. To get the best from a reed valve large amounts of welding and subsequent porting is required. with that done a performance inrease of prehaps 25% may be acheiveable over rotary. But it wouldnt be a bolt on job, expect high costs and reliability problems with the crank, clutch and gearbox. 20HP is possible without a reedvalve, and maintain a degree of reliability, and at less cost.


the improvement is between 10% - 15% on power, better power spread and pulling better from low rpm.

It is not a BIG BOOST, is for who has already done everything or for pure tuning passion.