Reed valve fuel efficiency?


My vespa px125 'millem (malossi 166, 5speed gear, si 24, rz right hand, porting, cut crank).

my vespa's fuel efficiency is 1 liter/32km(80km)
                              1 liter/26km(100km)
                              1 liter/22km(110km)

would you let me know the reed valve engine fuel efficiency??



please check the thickness of your carbonplates or look if they have any crak in it.


change them and take the next size of thickness.



i think if the classic system is made well it works nearly the same like an reed system,

oviously if the enigne is original....

Hi Mate


I'm not a mechanic but on my bike a reed increased power but made the fuel efficiency worse. Depends whats important to you I guess. Standard engines give by far the best fuel efficiency.



Normally reeds are more efficient as it stops the "blow back", however when people install reeds its normally with a larger carby so mmm there goes the fuel efficiency

Reeds also boost mid-range power so great for cruising