Reed port & autolube?

I have a 28mm Spaco/Vortex SI carb, is there any reed block available for a PX200 that’ll allow me to retain this carb & the autolube system?


as far as I know there is not any reed block available to be run with the standard or close standard carbs and auto lube. The inlet case port is anyway too small for it and would need to be adapted anyway.
I am preatty sure you could adapt with the correct milling a reed block from the scootermatic world and with the right modification (work and money) you could use it with your carb and the auto lube. The only thing is that if you think that you are going to get out from it more power, with the standard PX barrel, then your forecasting would not be correct.
If you want more power, keeping autolube, and have the same reliability as standard, get a Pinasco kit with longstroke.


if you have a look a their cases you see the inlet port is completely another thing. As I said you before, you could do the modification at a certain price, but even with the pinasco kit I would not reccomand it. Reed inlet give you an undiscutable advantage to the engine that get the power at higher rev. They gain something at mid rpm too, but not too much.
Pinasco 213 has five ports, and it doesn’t give you that power at very high rpm so it would not get a lot more fuel that it can uses.
If you feel you need more of something, I don’t know what, if it is more torque, more high speed, you need to go for another kit.
A well adapted exhaust will be more profittable in your case, in the case you don’t have already a good one.

Pinasco 213 & a mazzochelli 60mm are what I have., How do the LML 5 port autolube motors have their reed valve set up? is this adaptable? is the lml reed valve any good?