Reed Conversion

Hi mates,

I'm working frst time in a P200E reed conversion, fitting MMW2 with 30mm carb, longstroke W5 crank laser welded Art.4604100, SIP exhaust........

So, my question is related with the milling. At the moment, I only have wided the infeed hole and from this to the cylinder side (I've welded clutch side for filling) removing the sealing area from the hole to the cylinder.

Malossi reed conversion manual and other conversions that I have seen, mills also back side of the input hole (opossite side of the cylinder), removing all the sealing area.

It is recommendable mill also this area (Rear side of the input hole)


Ok Thank you very much I'll continue milling.




here you see a good pic how it should look.


check it out and do it right