Redundant Jetting Quesiton -- Help Please!

Hola. I’m running a PX125 with a Pinasco 177, a SIP pipe and a 24/24 carb.

Having problems with the jetting. My current jetting is 160, BE3, 116. It seems to run rich at lower RPMs and lean at higher RPMs. Also, the power seems sort of lacking.

Is this the best jetting combination?

Thank you.

I think 116 to small

maybe 120-122 its better i have polini 177 and 118 its to small for my engine. now i have 160-BE3-120 its good, but when i had 122 was better but bigger consumpcion :(



I'd try a 150 or a 140 air. Restricting the air to the amomizer will make it suck more gas at high speeds.

The be3 is fine.