Recommended cylinder for Vespa S50 (2T, -11)


What would you recommend when it comes to 68cc cylinders for a Vespa S50 (2T, -11)? I have done this so far;

- New exhaust, LeoVince Touring (plug removed)

- Malossi air filter (and did the air intake bigger with a few more holes)

- 74 mainjet

- Lighter rollers (6.5 instead of 7g)

And I think that a new cylinder would be a good next step - I don't wanna go all in racing - but something that will fit my setup (I will need a bigger mainjet with a bigger cylinder, I know :))

Thanks in advance!

Hello Benjamin,


If you want economic pricing and discreet performance upgrade, go for the DR:


Expect some more power from the POLINI (for a higher price though):


But before you change the cylinder (or in combination with a new cylinder), definitely go for a new tuning variator first.