Recommendation for a carburettor please

I'm building a tourer out of a PX200E:

--Malossi 210cc cylinder kit

--MMW Cylinder head

--Mazzuchelli 60mm long stroke

--T5 SIP Exhaust pro

--Clutch basket MMW Cosa CNC machined basket nitrified 16x riveted + reinforced

--T5 4th gear

Obviously, I am going to lose my auto oil lube pump and the SI24/24 carb. What's is the best carburettor + manifold combination for my purposes. Cost is not an issue and if machining has to be done, that also is not a problem.

Thanks for your advice in advance

For touring I would keep the Si24/24E and upjet to around 128/130 , I don't like autolube so agree that should go but the 24mm carb will do everything you need it to whilst keeping reliability and some economy for touring distances. Also even though money is not the issue, its always better in your own pocket than someone elses eh ?

Si carbs are a much under valued piece of kit for mixed driving and touring.