Rear wheel not square

Hi All,

i amm the proud own of a 67 model and I have noticed that the rear wheel is not square to the frame/guard when looking from behind the bike. 

Can this be fixed.

thanks in advance, Jason. 

Jason you need to inspect the front mounting of the engine to the body first to establish if the complete engine is leaning to one side. If it is there is some wear or damage at this point. The second inspection would be the back axle. Is the axle bent or are the bearing supporting the axle very worn. Put a block under each leg of the stand then lift the rear and place a support under it. This allows you to work easily and safely. Gerry

Thanks Gerry, I have the bike on a stand now and I think the bushing at the front mount could be suspect  I am going to remove the bolt securing the engine to frame and check bushes. Many thanks again,Jason.