Rear suspension lower bush

hi can the rear suspension lower bush be replaced easyily do i need any special tools to push it out then push new one in thanks Gary

no realy a helpful reply

thanks will try that Gary

Hi Gaz,

I havnt replaced the rear suspension bush but I have the front pivot ones.

It was quite easy - I just drilled out the rubber between the central bush and the casing. When enough material is taken the bush sholud just pull out.

To fit the new bush I just pressed it in with the use of ample washing up liquid as a lubricant.

Hope this helps

Not really a problem, just go ahead!


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I’d replaced the rubber bush some years ago, and don’t remember any problem. But if you don’t try to push it out, it is likely to remain there…

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use dishwashing liquid (YES) when you put the new parts in place

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