Rear light Rally180 on Classic Px ????


Can we put an Rear light Rally180 on a classic Px ?

What the difference between that rear light for Rally


is it the "Metall- fassung und Chromdeckel" ?

If I choose the 2d one, shall I buy also the Packing rear light Sprint ?



up, please


up, please…

Well...tks Da-geht-noch-was about the installation.

About the products, I'm surprised.

The Rear light Rally 180-200/TS/ GTR/Sprint Veloce/V50 Special (GER), e-mark, rear light cover grey (Art.-No. 56094000 at 25.34 € net) seems to have a cover not chromed but grey
So, would the picture be wrong ?
But, you could be right because of the weight : 400g vs 150g for the 2 others rear light under.

the Rear light glass Sprint Veloce Rally 180-200/TS/GTR/GT/V50/ PV (GER), with e-mark (Art.-No. 56255400 at 6,67 € net) seems to have a black cover (on the picture)

and the Rear light glass Sprint Veloce Rally180-200/TS/GTR/GT/V50/PV German model, with e-mark (Art.-No. 56255000at 9,21 € net) seems to have a grey cover  (on the picture)...
Is the grey more expensive than the black ?


I think there won’t be any problem building a Rallyrearlight on a PX, the screws should be at the same position and the wires are the same as well.

the difference between those two rearlights you added up there is that the lower one has a chrome-coverplate whereas the other one should be painted…

I hope I was able to help you a bit