Rear Light LED for Vespa Sprint/Primavera

Hi, I have the North American version of the Sprint 150 3V, and have the ScooterWest euro kit installed, so the rear light has the brake and running lights the but probably using different connectors than the European version. I just bought from SIP the Rear Light LED for Vespa Sprint/Primavera, art. no. MV642947, and now I'm confused how to connect it. As you can see from the pictures of this article on SIP it has three connectors coming out of the rear. Two questions about that:

  1. Which connector is used for what and how come there are three connectors? Don't I need two only, brake and running lights?
  2. I probably have to change some of the connectors on my Sprint to make this work, I have a large white brake light connector and I have a running light connector that looks the same as the one coming the new LED light, so also male, which obviously doesn't fit. Does SIP sell any of the connectors this LED light is using, male/female, so I can order some to make it work? If not then do these connector have a name/type so I can Google on them and order them somewhere else?