Rear hub probs

Can anyone Help ? I have a T5 with a rear hub that wont come off,
ive got the engine out and have soaked the shaft for 2 days but still wont budge.
It looks quite rusty but ive cleaned most of it off.
Please help !

The only method that I know is bit rough but always works…put the wheel back on and kick it or bash it with a mallet from the egine side…works for me.

Try to warm the hub up with a b*** torch just prior to trying to remove it.

Good Luck [:bounce:]

I dont want to heat up the hub in any way because it might warp it. Ive decided to leave it for now and if the brake shoes need replacing i’ll smash it off. Cheers anyway ![:look:]

Thanks for the reply Spotsam , but the problem isn’t the nut , it’s the actual hub that wont come off .
I have soaked the shaft (oh) for about a week now with wd40,plus gas,etc and had a three prong puller on it .
I dont want to damage or warp the hub but my patients is running thin, i think that last resort is smash it off and buy a new one ?

Had plenty of the same probs it seems that the later P.X. with the thicker shaft has this as a major problem.On both my P2’s & a T5 i’ve had trouble removing the rear wheel (at other times it seems to loosen itself off a bit). I’ve taken it to a garage where air tools couldn’t shift it.Managed to loosen it by having two blokes with a combined weight of 30 stones sit on scoot pushed against a wall with front brake full on put scaffolding pole over socket & pushed like mad … hub nut loosened…front shock blew!
Since then i’ve started to drill hub nut with fine drill &open it out with a chisel BEWARE though i have stripped an output shaft once because drill bit was too large

Maybe the rear brake is your problem. Do you removed the rear brake cable?

Markus[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]