Rear Brake Set Up, Sprint + T5 lump

Firstly cheers Vespandy for advice last time.
This time i need to know how to modify rear brake set up with a 68 Sprint frame and a T5 mk1 motor. Been told should use a PX assembly but am still confused as to exactly what to do. Any ideas? ta
If i make the IoW i’ll buy myself a pint (tight Yorkshire b*stard)
cheers, Hally

i put a mark 1 T5 engine into my 62 vespa sportique, but i kept the orginal rear brake set up from the sportique as i wanted to keep 8 inch wheels, the way i sorted the rear brajk was to use a front brake cable and an adjustable solderless front brake adjuster from beedspeed approx £3.00, this set up worked a treat for me.

I just slotted the GT brake cam on in there—works just fine…rest of the brake …the only other change was the switch.

Ya can get yurself an extra pint now ya lucky Yorkshire bastard (I cannot afford to get over to IOW this year :frowning:


Thanks for yer help chaps, brakes sorted & i’m up ‚n‘ runnin with an MOT to boot. It’s a bleedin miracle.
I stayed with the 6v loom for the conversion and works suprisingly well, she’s due for a respray in the winter so i’ll slip in a Beedspeed special then.
Mixture screw bafflingly needs 3 1/2 turns as supposed to usual 1 1/2, new seals on engine and new gaskets on carb, but hey these problems could go on for ever and she’s running well.
Shame about the IoW Vespandy, you gonna make any more rallies? I’ll have a beer in your honour, thanks again
Hally (Yorkshire boy lost in Streatham)