Rear brake light staying on constantly

Hi All,

The brake light on my PX125 in staying on all the time, is there something jammed on and will I have to take off the rear brake pedle to investigate?

It’s only over a yaer old, seems odd I would get this problem already or is it common with Vespas.




Will try this, and get back to you with fix



The circuit for the light to go on is made by the switch in the pedal moving forward (its a spring loaded mechanism). In essence as there is a gap between the two wires that creates the circuit.

You could have a:- break in one of the wires, a broken switch, crap in the switch or pedal or frayed wires in the rear light unit.

Its a process of elimination, take a look at the light unit with a tester, then proceed to check the switch out in the pedal. Disconnect the wires and join them together, the light should go out, if i doesn’t then trace the wires back to the back light.

I bet you find its something really simple hopefully

lots of wd40 around brake pedal.