Rattling malossi

after fitting a 172 kit to a t5 engine I am having problems with a mettalic ratttling sound coming from the engine at low revs.It develops into a buzzing at higher revs.Ive checked everything I can think of but after numerous strip downs and rebuilds the problem persists.I am running with a cosa clutch from a 2000 px.Ive heard it may be a little end problem or maybe a noisy clutch,anybody else had simaler problems?

[I)] i dunno wot pipe you`re using with your kit but I found that the sip pipe(when fitted on the p2) rests on the stand spring and this gives a vibration similar to wot your talkin of. but it gets louder and harsher the more you thrash it.Possible answer to this problem is earplugs so cant hear it!!![:D] [:D] [:D]

Does the engine(scooter) vibrate more than usual?
I`ve once had an engine with the wrong woodruff key in the crank at the clutch side and this destroyed the clutch and the crank.
Could also be one or more rivets on the cush drive coming loose and one of the side plates rattling;
Hope this helps…

Hello Jacko, i have this problem too, but now after a year and a half with a malossi 172 kit for my T5, ive come to the conclusion that its just the cylinder is made from aluminium.I have no problems what so ever with the engine which runs on the button.If you do eventually sort this out could you tell me.[:look:] Right im going for a beer[:drink:]

Thanks for all the tips everybody looks like im going to be quite busy for the next few weeks,I`ll keep you posted as to any developments.

did you ever ride a malossi alloy kit bevor?
sometimes these alloy kit`s are a kind of noisy too.

Jacko ,my mate Neil has just fitted a malossi 172 to his t5…he found that the flywheel just clipped the cylinder head.That caused exactly the same noise that you mentioned…his brother (who works for Triumph motorcycles)trimmed the flywheel down and the problem was solved…hope this helps you. [:drink:]

hello jacko, Does your engine sound like there are ballbearings floating about in your barrel .have you checked your ignition timing is set correctly . and that your air mixture screw at the back of the carb is set correctly also . Danger