Rally/Sprint/GT/GL fork conversion?

I’m wanting to do a fork conversion on my Sprint so i can fit a disc brake and an improved front suspension (One that means I don’t have to replace the shock every 6 months, London is the shits for potholes). I understand that PK125 forks are the only ones to use.
Anyone shed any more light on whats involved? I can’t imagine it’s a straight fit, that’d be far too easy.

cheers H

Did a similar conversion on a friends GL using a set of PK125 forks.

There is a fair bit of work to get them to fit, we ended up cutting the top off the GL forks and welding it to the bottom of the PK forks halfway between the bearings on the headstock. Then you have to cut the steering stop off the front and move it to the back.

I would recommend buying a set ready converted from SIP I think they are nearly twice the price but well worth it as they slot straight in and look really trick on an old scoot.

Hope this helps.