Rally / P200E wiring electrical questions UK

I'm converting my Rally 200, 1974, kill switch by the seat, to the Conversion kit Rally 200  Art.-No.: J5001900   and need to know the following...

1) Can I wire the whole scooter the same as P200E VSX1T o.B.  omitting the indicator circuit? (For one reason or another, I'm making a much needed new wiring loom myself so please don't recommend a suitable loom)

2) Can I use the standard Rally 200 light switch (to keep it looking as original as possible)

3) Are these exactly the same parts (the 12v kit) as a standard P200E or are they modified somehow to fit the Rally? I realise the flywheel bearing and seal are different.

4) Can I swap the standard On-Off switch Vespa Rally 200  Art.-No.: 98056000  for either ;

a) Ignition lock PX / ET3 / Rally  Art.-No.: 31110000  

or better still (as its smaller and would fit better) the

b) Ignition lock Vespa / Lambretta  Art.-No.: 31115000.

I've searched online for many hours but cannot find conclusive answers.

I have downloaded many different diagrams for 12v conversion kits etc, and standard wiring, all different but as this will effectively be a P200E (confirmation of this would be great too) that I would like to wire it as a P200E (without the indicator circuit)

I have made a diagram I intend to follow that I can send to anyone willing to check it over for me.

Any help or advice hugely appreciated.


wow. i thought i'd downloaded every wiring diagram on the net, including form scooterhelp...but never saw this one!

its a very similar diagram and throws another conundrum into the equation but it looks pretty good and seems to make more sense than the P200E diagrams i have and easier to follow too as there are no junction boxes or indicators...

also i'd need to modify it a bit to suit an on-off switch (or 3 pole ignition barrel) and the original rally switch

Could anyone confirm that this kit uses the standard p200e parts (just for future parts if i ever need them)

i'll let you all know how i got on in a month or 2 when i plan to have it back together and up and running.

thanks again.

hi i am looking for some help in finding a diagram to put indicators on my 125 ts 1977 vespa it is 12v ac and i will be using this switch Art.No. 60096000 any help welcome. thanx mark

If anyone is interested I have lots on info on wiring for this conversion.

send me a reply/message for details



think this will help you



look on this sites - be sure you find some more answers there.