Rally femsatronic

hows goes it,i am having a problem with a rally 200 femsatronic stator i have fitted to my rally 180 motor,the motor fires up but it will only idle if i rev it,it will not rev out it gives the impression that there is an airleak(runs like the choke is on).would it be somthing to do with the timing(the holes on stator are round so there is no room to adjust)also i tried a px200 cdi unit with the stator and it gave the same results.any help would be greatful
cheers Billy

Check and make sure the cam on the crank is facing the right way. If you look at it, there is writing on oneside, and the otherside is blank. It goes installed w/ the writing facing outward. If you install it the otherway your timing will be way off, and will produce similair symptoms to what you are describing. [:nuke:]