Rally 200 wiring, light switch, kill switch, 12v

I'm converting my 1974 femsatronic with battery and kill switch to the 12v kit with new flywheel,crank etc but need solid advise as to which wiring scheme i should use...it will be a 12v system with no battery and the wiring needs replacing anyway.

I have a new loom, aparantly for 12v conversion, with new 12v brake switch (bajaj) and a nasty looking light switch. I'm happy to alter the new loom or even make a new one myself but.....

Do i follow the wiring diagrams for an early p200, omitting the indicators?

Would i need to change the light switch .I need a new one anyway but would like to keep it looking original...could i use a standard rally switch???or does it have to be a/c???

Also, could i change the kill switch (by the seat) to a key/barrel ignition switch, keeping it in the same position. This is just for security reasons. If so would a ET3/rally switch be ok to use? ive seen the sprint? ignition switches also...anyone have any idea which would be best suited...i'm thinking which one would fit without drilling bigger holes in the chassis..

I also need side panels if anyone can help

Thanks in advance


To let you all know...

I have the 12volt a/c system running fine. (so much better than 6volts)

I ended up making my own loom which was a headache to start with but worked out fine.

I also fitted, as a seperate circuit, a 12volt battery which runs my 2 x extra horns and a cigarette lighter socket to charge my mobile/sat nav.

If you need any advice on how to do this let me know.

I also found a 2 way ignition switch that fits neatly into the existing hole (most i looked at were too larger diameter to fit straight in) where the kill switch used to be. Very simple to do.

Have you seen the wiring diagrans on the Scooterhelp site?


To convert from a Femsa rally to Ducati on a non battery model is easy (apart from the crank and bearings!) as you can just swap the wires one the new coil and leave the rest of the loom as it was.

If you want to keep the battery then it might be a bit more complicated, and I've never tried it.

In theory, you should be able to leave the rest of the loom intact again, but you might need to use a regulator from a PX electric start or Cosa, this has an output for the battery.

If you need to replace the loom anyway it might be easier to do away with the battery altogether and use a PX regulated system and create a loom to match

Replacing the kill switch is easy. The switch is just a switchable earth so any simple 2 way switch could be used. One terminal connected to the existing feed wire and the other terminal to earth.