Rally 200 / P200? primary shaft xmas tree

Hi all

Can anybody help me please .


I have a 1974 Rally 200 engine and need a primary shaft.

The 'bush' end is 12mm and the 'bearing' end is 15mm.

Can anybody tell which shaft I need. I have an early P200 shaft but it is 12mm both ends.

Can anyone from SIP help?




what Rally 200 exactly do you have ?

a 1974 with Framenumber VSE1T.....  ?


I'd still be interested in knowing what primary drive/engine that is? When did Piaggio replace it with the 13mm??

It is a real head scratcher for me. The 12mm shaft is not that common by all accounts.

VSE 1T  00154~~

 I ended up getting a quite standard 13mm  / 15mm shaft, drilling out the original brass bush and replacing it with  


Bushing for auxiliary shaft

engine casing PX/T5/EFLrt.Nr.


SIP please help me! Im not sure how to contact you!

i need a 12mm 'bush' 15mm 'bearing' primary shaft for rally 200. Do you have this size?

how about a 13mm 'bush' 15mm 'bearing' do you have that?