Rally 200 front wheel

Towards the end of a nice long run-out I noticed a squeek coming from the front wheel. After inspection I came to the conclusion that it was the drum making contact with the removeable dust cover on the back plate. Simple problem, or so I thought. I then proceeded to put it all back together, but now the wheel struggles to turn at all! The breaks seem to be binding - even with the cable disconnected. Everything looks absolutely fine in there until I replace the drum and tighten the centre nut. I really can’t see anything obvious as to why this is happeninig. Please help!

Cheers for the reply Dirk. Yeah, the key is in place and the spindle SEEMS ok. The wheel spins freely if I replace the hub without actually putting the brakes in. Looks like I’m gonna have to put it into a shop and have to wait 3 weeks or so for a look in. Bang goes my weekend of fun on Mersea Island!

Fairly unusual problem that. Are you sure that the woodruff key was lined up with the slot in the drum when up put the hub back on?

Does the shaft turn freely with the wheel off? Could be that the bearing has crapped out.

hmmm…can’t really think of much else that it could be.