Rally 200 front spring?

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to upgrade my front spring on my rally 200 to try to improve the handling & braking.

The SIP shop has 2 upgrade springs available - 1 with 33% uprate & 1 ‚exrta strong‘ (Chrome plated).

I was going to go for the Chrome Xtra stong one but have just noticed it has a some bad voting.

Has any anyone had any experience with either of these springs please??

Hi Jimmer,

I have a Sprint with a PX150 engine. I replaced my front spring and shock last year. I put in a SIP „33% uprated“ spring in, and it has worked very well for me. You really notice the stiffness under braking.

It has been in now for about 4000 km, and still feels strong, so I think it is definitely a worthwhile investment.



Thanks KK,

I may have to ring SIP to find out what percentage upgrade the ‚Extra strong‘ spring has.