Rally 200 Femsatronic wiring

I have a 1977 Femsatronic Rally 200 in which I plan to put a 1994 Px 200 elecronic engine. How would I go about wiring the engine without using the Femsatronic coil? Would it be possible to send me a diagram?

p.s Is there any way I could use a Px regulator?

N.b The engine is not an electric start model.

Thanks, hope you can help.D

Hello Danger,

we sell a special wiring harness for your scooter with a PX engine. Further you will need the PX EFL regulator (without battery!), 12V bulbs, 12V horn and when your scooter had a battery you will need a new brake light switch and a new light switch!

Best regards,

Markus[:bounce:] [:bounce:]