Rally 200 Femsatronic wiring part2 and other problems

Hello again,

Thanks for getting back to me so fast about the wiring loom I need, could you tell me if the loom is wired for key ignition.

Also I have another problem, on occasion when I put my Li 125 series iii into gear it goes backwards! You may laugh as others have but this is not a joke! Please if you can offer me an explanation and/or remedy I would be most grateful.

Cheers D.[:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:] [:drink:]


the wiring loom is wired for a ignition lock and for a kill button!

When your scooter goes backwards, the ignition timig is completly wrong. The correct timing for the LI 125 is 23° and for the LIS 125 21° and for a tuned engine you will need 19°! I`ve had the samo problem years ago and it was very funny!

Best wishes,

Markus[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]