Rally 200 clutch with malossi,pm pipe?

I have just got a Rally 200 1976 which has already got a large carb, 32mil i think, a malossi 210 & PM tuning exhaust. The clutch is on the way out so which one will i need to go with rest of the engine set up?
Also, would a lightened flywheel like HP4 help with the setup?
Any help much appreciated,thanks,Chris

Thanks for your help Diablo [:drink:]

The later rallys I think had the same crank taper as the p2 but im not sure. The early ones didn’t so Hp4 won’t fit. You could probably lighten your flywheel. Do you need to replace the complete clutch? Not sure about the primarys but I think they are the same as p2 23/65 so you should be able to fit a 23t cosa clutch if you wanted.