Rally 180

I need some tuning advise for a Rally 180.

What can be done to make them faster?



I’d do the rest as you would with a 200.The only differance is the crankcase mouth needs opened up as already stated.

For 200 tuning archive the threads on the classic forum or ask if you’re unsure.

My basics will be ported casings,matched inlet,T5 4th gear,cut crank and a decent 'head and pipe.Depends what you want and are willing to pay.

Forgot to addJunk the origional ignition and use a late Rally or P system.

Cheers Juank,

According to SIP a 210 malossi will fit if you open up the crankcase mouth as in the other thread you pointed me to. this is what I am thinking of.

Do you know if anything else would need to be changed to accept a 210 kit on a 180 engine, such as the crank / gearing / clutch?

What carb would suit this?



I would suggest using the PX 24/24 carb and I really do suggest you use the T5 4th,Malossi’s are hopeless on the standard top cog.

I wouldn’t touch the porting of the barrel,just open up the transfers and match the inlet.

Too late now, thanks for your help tho fellas, missed out on it due to dithering about wondering if I could reasonably make it go a decent speed!

I won’t tell you how much it went for or I’ll be sick! mint restored rally 180!


Just checked and JuanK is right you will need the 4th gear from a 125.


I think this covers it quite well.

JuanK, I’m thinking:

Conversion kit J50019 for the 12v

Uprated Clutch, leave gearing as is, new bearings seals gaskets, Malossi 210 kit and cylinder head matched to suit, bigger carb (dunno what size)

Exhaust is Sito so leave that for time being.

What do you think? Some porting work etc, don’t want it to be mental, just faster than a std rally 180.


Not sure you need the T5 4th, the 180 has got higher gear ratio than a Rally 200 or a P-PX.