Racing Exhaust SIP ROAD Sport & 24ml Carb

I have a standard 2006 px125 with Racing Exhaust SIP ROAD Sport & 24ml Carb.

What size jets should be fitted to get the best performance.





Well a 24 carb is not common on a 125 stock engine... The stock 200cc has 116 main jet and 55/160 idle jet (calibrator and atomizer I think are ok because are the same in the 20 carb of the 150cc). Very probably the idle jet 55/160 is too "fat", I think a 50 or 52 /160 should be better. About the main jet you need to try various jets... maybe the 116 is all right, maybe you need a 114 or even 112... After having driven at full rew for a while and immediately swiched the engine off, the plug electrode, with its ceramic envelope, should be brownish; if too dark you need a smaller main jet, if bright (yellowish for example) you need a larger main jet.

I got a sip road on my p200. Actually it is advisable to make the main jet 2-4 steps bigger, e.g. stock 116 on si24/24 should be replaced with 118-120. After I bolted on the exhaust it took me some time to get a 120 mj, but after I finally installed it I couldn't tell any particular difference.

If you have a 24/24 that has obviously bigger jets than 20/20 stock, you don't need to change anything. Checking the mixture will be just fine.