Racing Exhaust DSE for Vespa PX 200 with Malossi 210cc

Dear all,

Pls share your setup if you have experience with this racing exhaust , I can't ride over 110 Kph with above setup, I need HELP!! Thx


I'm running that exhaust with the following;

Heavily modified LC 221cc Malossi barrel with billet head.

Welded casings (inlet and transfers)

60mm S&S bell CrankLTH reed valve, V-Force 4 reeds and 37mm Dellorto flat-slide.

Vespatronic ignition

Do you need port timings jetting etc??


It's producing 30bhp and we expect more when we sort the jetting out.

It pulls like a train but you need to ride it quite hard!


I think with the tapers on the exhaust it won't suit a lot of engines - what is your set up?

Hi  ioukandk2,

I tried hhp v3 on my px200 and I did not get spark. 

I also tried to remove the insulator plate of the stator plate and no difference.

How could you get this hhp cdi working??? Any advise?

Please read this:


Thank you in advance.


When I using 57mm crank shaft with 210 and DSE exhaust, it can go around 128km/h,

I use 26/26mm carb, with 150/be4 and 148 main jet, also with hhp V4 CDI, B9E Ngk plug.

And short 4th gear, 22 teeth gear at the dutch.