Racing cylinder QUATTRINI M1A

The new M1A Cylinder Kit is a further mile stone in small frame cylinder development - the first only for Vespa small frame developed H²O aluminum cylinder with direct intake. This kit promises a further upgrade to the already successful air cooled QUATTRINI cylinder line. Their high quality complete product line make them a show case of success. 5 transfers and a huge reed valve intake dependably stoke up the QUATTRINI cylinder. Features, such as the additional Boysen ports (auxiliary intakes direct to the transfer) and of course, an extra large 4 flap reed valve. And in the same vein, the enlarged outlet with 2 generous auxiliary exhausts, a centered cylinder head with center spark plug, as well as a brand name Italian piston with high quality 1 mm piston ring. All QUATTRINI cylinders are very high quality workmanship and have a one of a kind finish. QUATTRINI is known for race technics and convincing quality. The crankcase will need modification, but in the first stage of modification will not need welding.

The QUATTRINI manifold is constructed for Vespa V50/ PV/ ET3 models, when used in Vespa PK models the body passage will need additional modification. Exhaust stud gap is 57 mm, racing exhaust layout will need minimal enlargement.


--> The right choice for those who want super durability and perfect performance! 



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