Racing Cylinder Malossi MHR 136cc Vespa

In this video we want to show you the Malossi MHR 136cc racing cylinder.


For Vespa 90-125/PV/ET3/PK/S/XL/2
Ø 57,5mm, aluminium, 6 ports, stroke 51mm, pin 15mm, with cylinder head, M6 exhaust studs, direct or crankcase intake

MALOSSI small frame tuning – the next generation! Close on the heels of the 136cc MK II cylinders release the Italians follow it up with the MALOSSI Hyper Racing (MHR) version of their smallframe mainstay. An aluminium cylinder, new barrel-mounted inlet manifold, bridged exhaust port, new piston equipped with just one piston ring and monster transfer ports you could lose things in! This version is MALOSSIs ticket to the premier direction of smallframe racing - Hyper Racing.


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Racing Cylinder Malossi MHR 136cc