Racing cylinder for V50 L

Hi dudes,

In my 3 gear V50 L (1967) I'm planning to mount up to 75 cc racing cylinder. If any of you tried a mild tuning of this model or has knowledge from elsewhere, plse help solving the following dilemmas:

- which kit would be best?

- is upgearing necessary, and if answer is possitive, which specific parts should I buy?

- what size of the main nozzle would be proper?

Thanx in advance!


Hi dude




I recommend you the following:




1. Dr 75 Cylinder Kit (item 10005000)


2. 68-66 Nozzle If you use the SHB16 carburetor / 82-80 Nozzle if you use the SHB19 carburetor


3. Sparkplug W4AC


4. Ignition timing should be 17 degrees




You don´t need to upgear the transmission.