Race exhausts which one?

I have a Gilera Ice with a Polini Corsa cylinder,
21mm carb,multivar 2000,malossi primary gears,malossi mhr reed block,ramair filter,Leovince ZX exhaust. I want to get a better exhaust I think the Corsa cylinder is too powerful for the current pipe. Do you know about the Polini for race 2 exhaust(what kind of power is it loud etc…) or about the Leovince 70 or Yasuni Carrera 20? I find it very difficult to find information on these exhausts in english!!!Top speed is not that important as long as it does 110kmh I want very rapid acceleration from 50kmh to 100kmh and also a quiet exhaust. I think maybe I should match my polini cylinder with a polini exhaust or do you think the others are better?
Thank you very much for any advice
Ian Pearson

hi i have found the best exhaust to be is a leo vince handmade s its a stright pipe i think thats the best pipe for a 50cc motor or 70cc motor

The HandMade S can be considered as a good pipe, but for stock 50 cc cylinder. Its a low revving pipe, which has almost the same performance as the ZX, so you will feel the power on a stock engine, but if you tune a few things, higher pipes will be more efficient.

go for  the yasuni c16 or stage 6 pro exhuast ..  the louder the better performance ;)  but the stage 6 and yasuni are borderline  sport and mid-race kits  .. a good choice for you


good luck

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If you don’t want too much noise and a pipe that definately overcomes the ZX, go for a Yasuni R (70cc pipe). As said before, the C series are great, but forget about noise…

i have a Yasuni R, great pipe and quiet compared to my friends ZX, same bikes same, set up. we found when we repacked  the ZX can with different wool, it was quieter, that also makes a difference.   

get the new 360 one from pm tuning

Hi Ian, I am modifying a Honda motor so I can't give you direct advice but I have heard great things about the Polini exhaust... though it is very pricy (the version for my Honda engine is anyway).

If you can find advice about exhausts in other languages you can translate those articles using Altavista too (http://babelfish.altavista.com/)

Good luck mate

the yasuni c 20 is a very good parts,made for 70cc cylinder (racing and evo)!

if i was u i would buy a polini power pipe 2 go with the polini kit or the mhr pipe u can also get a stage 6 pipe which i have got now and dat is vry vry fast accleration nd top end i think its 1 of the best and no1 has got 1 around here

macth the polini cylinder with a polini pipe and you will get the best out come as polini engineer there parts to work best with eachother also try differnt air filters to die down the sounds if u dont wot alot of sound go for a standad type of air filter


i should add, if i was you i would go for the Yasuni C16 or up, deppending on what else you want to do. 

get a hebo pipe

i think Yasuni R is a good choice...

with this exhaust your acceleration is going 2 be a lot better than the leovince zx...[:P]