R.I.P. Polini 208

Well it finally happened today, one sieze too far. I was gunning it down the motorway with the speedo needle of the clock and I got that siezing sound, whipped in the clutch and coasted onto the hard shoulder. I waited 15 mins for it to cool down and then tried to start it. It was really hard to start and when it eventually did it would not tick over, I had to keep the throttle open to keep it running. I managed to get it home and decided to investigate. I took of the head and at the top of the exhaust port there was a deep score where the piston had melted onto the bore. I removed the barrel and examined it closely to find that it will need a rebore or a new kit. Now I pose the question, should I get it rebored and fit an oversize piston or fit a malossi 210?


P.S. Its now running real slow with the standard PX200 barrel. I cant live with so little power.

I went for the Malossi 210, a little more expensive but I believe worth it. On examination of the kit it is clear that it is a higher quality product than the Polini. The cylinder was ultra light and did not need grinding to fit on with the electric start. I had to do a little bit of matching the transfers as they were slightly different from the Polini but it all went well.

Comparing the two, I would say that the Malossi does not match the Polini in low end grunt, however, I can feel no difference between the 2 in acceleration except when it comes to fourth gear. Fourth gear in now a real creeper and seems to take an age to get up to seventy, where as the Polini startedto creep at 70.

I am still using the standard PX200 gears, perhaps I would benefit from fitting a T5 fourth gear, however, most of my use is commuting on the motorway and I need to do 70mph constantly and if not sure I couyld do so with a T5 fourth gear as it may overheat due to the increase in revs. Does anyone have any experiance of this.

PS: If you have one done by MB ask them not to skim it.

Dont get me wrong, it will go past 70, and off the end of the clock, around 80 I guess. It will allways go to seventy, it just is not as fast as the polini going from 60 to 70. I am sure that the polini is a more powerfull kit, unfortunatly it tends to sieze a high revs. I was running flat out on the motorway today for abount 5 miles and it did not sieze, my polini would have after 1 mile.

My conclusion about the two kits is if you want fast acceleration for hacking around town it has to be the polini. For sustained high speed on the motorway it has to be the malossi.

I have had it opened up by 0.5mm and am using it. I didnt want to buy a new one and it seems to work a treat.