Quick question on oil for px125e

finally back on the road with my beloved 1982 px125e after many problems (see previous topic i posted!) and have upgraded my oil selection to silkoline 2 stroke scooter oil after using shite for the last eight months (no excuses) [:rolleyes:] and am now running in a new set of piston rings after an engine seizure some weeks back (see previous again! piston/barrel was rubbed down with wet and dry etc).
what i would like to know is what exact measure should i be mixing the oil with the petrol, is it 100ml of oil per gallon/4.5L of petrol or 50ml of oil per gallon/4.5L of petrol.
i know this seems a silly question but the shop where the bike was fixed had a different opinion to what the correct measure should be than my own. thanks. [:bounce:]

so yes, that’s 90 mls for a UK gallon but who uses gallon anymore apart from those obstinate Americans [:look:]

Dylan/Dirk got up yesterday morning and went out to start the scoot and it took about ten kicks to get her started (this is still the same tank of petrol with a little too much oil in it by the way, i have’nt been out much!!) this seemed strange enough but then i noticed a trickle of oil that seemed to be coming from the point where the exhaust pipe connects to the engine, not a huge amount but i’ve never seen her do that before. i decided not to take her out for a run before i talked with you lot as i was worried i might break down in some God forsaken hole! checked her again this morning and the oil leak seems to have stopped, can you give me a few clues as is to what the fk is going on with her!! oh and shes up for m.o.t next week too, fk fk fk! whats the worst thing could happen if i take her out for a run today???
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i just read this and it is the problem i had with my carb,its a simple thing to do just tighten up the 2 allen bolts that hold down the carb to the engine casing.
If it isn`t that the bolts are tight then as mentioned above replace float needle also just under the carb there is a little rubber seal which can be prone to wear replace that too.

Dylan, can you tell me what the tell tale signs are for putting in too much oil? it’s just that i’m pretty sure i put in a bit too much last refill and she felt a little flat in first and second gears but when she got to third and fourth she was okay although the bike did miss once whilst in fourth gear ( by that i mean i pulled on the throtle and the bike sort of missed and for a split second i though the engine might die, although it was in fourth gear she wasnt going terribly fast). the only reason i’m asking is because i’m a bit wary after the engine seizure i had a couple of months back and just want to make double sure it was just that, too much oil (maybe 20/30 mls too much in a gallon)!

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20-30 ml too much shouldn’t really be a prob at all. I always guestimate mine using the marks on the side and have never had any probs. Admitedly this is a bit rough but life’s too short for those white cups - sorry Dylan [:D]

Have you got standard jets?

Yes I agree. Sounds like the float needle is worn and the carb is flooding causing lots of fuel (including oil in whatever ratio) to flow through. As you are getting too much it can’t all be burnt so some is dripping into the exhaust. The petrol will evaporate but the oil will remain making it look like you have oil leaking from somewhere.


90 ml for every 4.55 ltr or 1 gallon. cheers boys! methinks i have been running my machine a bit lean these past few months, i was only putting in around 60ml per gallon! this might explain the original engine seizure as well!? [[:O]]