Quick action throttle

any one fitted 1 to a px200 ? can tell me of problems i may come accross please

if you want to save yerself time and money read this: the quick action throttle uses a large wheel to draw the throttle cable aroun so you open it a little bit the cable runs a long way.standard px throttle wheel s are those little white plastic ones in the headset.if you look at the gear cable wheel its twice as big.for the sake of a piece of hot wire(cigarette lighter will suffice)modify a gear wheel ,fit it to the throttel side and hey presto,quick action throttle hidden away inside the headset.same principle but a damn site cheaper.dont forget to put a self tapping screw in the side of it to act as a throttle stop or it’ll pull the nipple off the cable.another tip,why waste money on ribbed condoms when a normal one and a handful of dried peas will do the same

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domsmudge,all you gotta do is make the cable nipple hole a tad bigger to fit the clutch size nipple and poke a hot wire through to make a new hole where ther clip goes through.cheaper than the tomasselli thingy and works exactly the same.tip 2: sit on your hand for 10 mins before masturbating and it feels like someone elses.tip 3 : hard up for a shag?? try a jam jar full of slugs and washing up liquid,feels the same but doesnt expect you to buy it a drink first.caution,dont use leeches by mistake,i still bare the scars from a night in alone

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

sick i may be stevie but never without a big wet f**k.besides the usual tuning info i think its a good idea to pass on other helpful tips needed through life.the perverted sexual items are born from the knowledge that if you spend all your time in the garage playing scooters chances are you have a missus that wont let you/you are single or are just a plain old pig ugly scooterboy that cant get a shag for toffee.hope this helps .however if you have a willing missus and are allowed to spend all your time in the garage then hey,fukkit,why play the lottery ,it sounds like youve already won!!!

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

all that glitters is not gold stevie! if its a 90 degree one they eat throttle cables cos its constantly running round two bends.im just a fekkin cheap skate

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

ive got a jam jar full of em but theyre slightly soiled.the gear wheel is a good cheap fix ennit??

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

thanks doc
successfully fitted the hp4 flywheel and did the quick action conversion - very happy with both
having a tough time finding slugs at this time of year though!

Depends on the throttle tube your using, if it fits on to your throttle tube (part you pull back to make it sound louder) then you shouldn’t have any probs. you have to fix the existing throttle tube somehow best way is a self tapping screw from underneath, remeber to drill hole slightly smaller than screw, (looking from underneath) you will see just behind front brake lever a casting mark a small circle drill through this into throttle tube fix screw this will stop tube from moving (obviously) fix quick action to tube, re route cable you will need a longer one, its totaly up to you but you will have to drill a hole in the headset top to route cable, this is the cheaper option if you ever want to go back to old throttle then all you need to do is repalce top.

looks like i m gonna have to get a few spare cables then cos i must have 1 oo in polished alloy lolz

Vespadoc beat me to it, I too use dried peas. No , what i meant was i too use a vespa gear wheel. keeps it all tidy and works for pence better than a q/a for pounds. another tip, use rice krispies for snap. crackle , pop, at crucial timing!

Mainly trying to get the throttle close to the caseing to be able to use the front brake (lever touches the Q/A body)turnend mine upside down.
You can use the origanal tube or replace with a longer tube but it still needs the hole for the front brake,to stop the origanal tube moving, you can drill and bolt through one of the castings in the head set,then you have to make a hole in the head set top for the cable.
good luck![H]

Hi, I am currently doing similar to both a PX200 and an LML Select II T5 shape but I am doing a full hydraulic brake conversion with thumb throttle as I have lost my throttle wrist movement. My LML is nearly brand new & i didn`t want to strip it all down to put in a new throttle cable so i got a universal cable and an inline adjuster and made an extension with the adjuster & used just the inner cable, and the universal throttle cable is still long enough to keep as a spare for future use. I am machining a new throttle tube for mine, from billet alloy, as the polini or SIP q/action tubes are too short cos i have 2 new things to add to my bars, then I will have to make an extended end weight for the gear change bar, I am making mine the standard bar size to use stock grips but putting in a recess to fit the m/cycle master cylinder & quad throttle unit. I was going to use the standard bars & a grimeca semi hydraulic cylinder, but they are hard to come by at present, & i found that dog leg levers just clear the throttle body but standard hit. Now I have cut the lever pivot off to make room for the master cylinder. I am documenting my progress on the board & when I have sorted the design I want to offer the conversion to other disabled people or any one wanting a q/a throttle and or disc brake. I am in Dorset if you are in the uk, contact me & I will be happy to help.

thanks for the help all it sound s easy enough so i ll probably mess it all up

youve a sick mind really aint ya ? lol

well thank you vespadoctor thats all good but them tommaselli throttles give me a stiffy so i just gotta have 1 you know how it is with shiny stuff .

this seems easy - i’ll have to to try it - maybe i’ll do the throttle cable too !
seriously - do you mean just use a gear wheel like the one on the left side and make it fit the right side?
i’m guessing that this should work on t5 mk 1 too.

the quick action is a great quick fix - i’d never heard of this one - very easy and works great - think i’ll decline on the slugs