questions Malossi vespa 200.

Hello, my name is buhini, I would like to ask you for help about this cylinder malossi Art.No. 11006000, I bought this article, and a crankshaft pinasco of 60 mm. come a few boards, a foil to the base, another of copper for the head, and another of rubber black that I guess I have to mount, is for the original butt malossi, and which brings this article is one of piaggio modified mmw. The question is with the crankshaft joints that comes with the kit are those that I have to assemble or have to buy one separately? Understanding had esque with a crankshaft of these features the Board has to be of 1, 5 mm, which that brings in the base is 1 mm. Help please anyone who mounted this cylinder.

Thank you very much, the Board her have to buy separately?, which are included are not valid?,
as the piston circlip install?, are super hard to grab!
Larocca, do you have information about how to connect an a px200 Parmakit Sp8, to the installation of a DN P200E electric, so work the intermittent and the lights?
Thank you, thank you!

Hi Buhini !


You can mount the 11006000 in combination with the 60mm crank without a head gasket. It´s only necessary to mount the included 1,0mm base gasket.