Questions about a monster motor I am building

I am building a stroked Polini GS bike and have a few questions.


First, the specs:

-Extensively ported Polini top end

-GS piston

- MMW head for Polini (1:10,5 and 1,2mm squish) (art 13013975)

- MMW2 reedblock (30mm) with dual stage boyessens on a RD350 cage. (Art J40812100)

-32mm Miku TMX

- Undi 60mm reed valve crank (art 45041000)

-23/64 upgear (art 20290000)

-bosch fuel pump


1) Does anyone have any recommendations for base jetting on this? (225m above sea level)

2) Does anyone have a GOOD wiring diagramme for the parmakit ignition?

3) Should I run a boost bottle for this setup?

4) Should I run a power jet?

5) Any way to fit v-force reeds into the mmw2 block?


Thank you for your help in this.