Question for vespadoctor

A while back i noticed that you replied to someones post saying that you had ported a standard barrel with much success , is it poss you could you run it by me how you went about it , many thanks.

dear didge,sorry for any delay in reply been busy.firstly raise the exhaust port by 5-9mm polish and prfile all the way into the screw in downpipe,you can also raise the inlet port height by 2mm with a slight shamfer.the piston window ports need to be elongated toward the crown to within 5mm of the ring recesses apart from the small port which only needs taking down to the step in the skirt inside the piston.all these ports need to be matched size wise to the barrel to ensure width is identical to the barrel.if you can find one use an autisa piston which i used originally and then copied.rotate the timing as far as u can past the 125 mark for cooler running.i ran this setup with a 125 main jet and swift exhaust on an otherwise standard p2 motor and achieved 14hp on taffspeeds dyno and it revved out in 4th gear no problem.BE WARNED if your motor runs hot this setup will run hotter ,it has to be bang on or forget it.if youre english and down south id be glad to help you

well simongs210 the choice is yours!.changing to a 21 tooth cosa clutch will give you lower gearing and so will pull better through all gears,more revvy than 23 tooth.a t5 4th will pull better in 4th only,same through 1st 2nd 3rd but then a shorter climb into 4th.both will make your motor rev out at a lower speed so better acceloration but potentially lower top end.personnally i’d forget both,ditch the electric start and go for a hp4 flywheel and reinforced clutch(adds 1000rpm to rev range.)my 210 revved to 8k but with hp4 now revs to 9k and screams out in 4th.this is with standard carb with 138 main jet and autolube but when my new jets turn up im trying a phbh28mm.good results in the past .anymore ?? hope it helped if not try me again

sorry to stick my oar in, but i always remember norrie kerr writing that its not worth tuning a standard 200 barrel

Hey Vespadoctor

Do you mind if I ask you a couple a questions as Dirge seems to have gone AWOL… I’ve got a Vespa Gs with an electric start PX200 engine (c/o SIP!) and a 210 malossi kit, PM pipe. Standard carb. Am looking for a little more ummph from it this is what I’m proposing to do this winter…which should give most benefit?

  1. Cosa Clutch (uprated springs?)
  2. T5 4th gear
  3. I heard a rumour that you can fit a PK electric start flywheel on the P2, much lighter? True of false?
  4. Don’t want a Reedvalve, what’s best carb upgrade…Dellorto 26 mil?



are you ignoring me coz i took so long to reply didge ?.forgot to say that whilst this tuning will give a definative edge over a standard p2 dont expect 210 performance.didge…didge… are you out there didge…one knock for no and two for yes

Are you still about ? please reply !