Question for staff - Honda Polini Kits?

I want to buy a Polini Cylinder Kit for my Honda Dio SR 1990 scooter (AF18E motor).

There are two 70cc kits that I am trying to decide between, the "Contessa" (Sport) and the "Corsa" (Race). The Contessa is about half the price but I'm not sure about the power different or the power bands of each motor?

You site says the Contessa is good for 90km/h... is this with the stock/standard gear ratios or is this with any gear ratio?

Also, is the durability of each motor the same... or is one more durable than the other?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!


Also, how do the 70cc Honda Malossi kits compare with the 70cc Honda Polini kits?

Can someone from SIP please reply to this thread?

I want to make an order but I'm not going to do so if your staff aren't prepared to help me figure out which product I want.