Question about prod nr46040000 worb5 long stroke crank

this crank will certainly fit perfectly in my 200px with a 210 malossi, but just one question :

 wich length have the piston rod of this crank ?


hello, thanks for the answer,

yes a'm talking about your article nr 46040000 from your onlineshop : longstroke crankshaft vespa px 200 WORB5 special lip

Thanks a lot for the help.

hi ..


it will fit in your engine with the 210 malossi

for a perfekt compression please use the item 46040000

and dont forgert the malossi gasket on the cylinder feet wich is including the cylinder kit !


the stroke lenght is 60 mm


so you got round about 223 ccm and a lot of torque



hi ..


i have problems to find the article with this number ...


do you got the article nr460600 from our onlineshop ??


maybe youre talking about 46040000 ??