Quattrini M1XL timing, compression, crank questions

Hi guys, we are building up a PX with the M1XL and have some basic info questions.


- Timing: what timing should this kit be run at for street use?


- Compression: what kind of compression numbers should we see out of the box?


- Crank: I'm assuming that because of the cylinder induction the optimum for this kit would be a full circle crank? Any particular crank recommendation for standard stroke length? Or any reason why a full circle would not be the way to go?


Right now we are running this with a 30mm Mikuni and seeing poor running and wet plugs, but haven't dug into it much yet. Need to double check the install, and I want to make sure we have the above info sorted before getting more complicated.

Thanks for any insight!



Seoul, Korea

Hi dude !


I recommend you the following timing:


- standard ignition 16 degrees

- vespatronic or parmakit 21 degrees


A 57mm full circle crank is one of the best combinations you can do with your setup.


The last question regarding the carburetor is a matter of fine adjustment.


If the plug is wet basically the jetting is to high.






hi~I am Rax

I bought a M1XL in  your shop~

I use  57mm  full circle ~ and Mikuni TMX30  main jet 270   and idle  mixture45

But I still cant test it  well ~

is main jet too high or low?  or  idle ?

and How can  I  check degrees timing??

can you send a photo about where is  16 and 21 degress  ?


sorry  my  English is not  good ~

my E-mail is [email protected]

and what about a 60 mm long stroke ?