px210 speed

hello again im getting the parts together to rebuild my px motor
well just waiting for a t5 fourth and a gasket set .ive got a malossi 210 ,sip centre plug head, scorpion exhaust and will run the standard 24mill carb what sort of power / speed should i expect ? oh yes i m gonna match the transfers but is it worth matching up the intake and cutting the crank as per the malossi instruction s ? think thats enough to be goin on with lol ta for any help.

thanks for the help and advice again m8 i ll have to order a couple of jets tomorrow reedspeed should do them i recon

forgot to say,try 135-138 main jet and keep an eye on the primary gear plates.it’ll be a revvy little minx and they have a tendancy to detach and make a mess/lock up/shatter causing you heart attack/messy under garments

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

lots!!!.shouldnt worry about the crank.smaller cut out and more metal filling the crank chamber means more crank housing compression to drive the gasses up the bore.this setup should give you 80mph.if you elongate the inlet forward toward the barrel by 5mm this will have similar effect as crank cutout but still using standard carb /crank so go back to standard at any time

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984