PX200EFL won't start... Coil or Pickup?

Hi scooterists,


I got an PX200EFL engine in my beloved Vespa 150 -61. I've run this since -95 and has been working perfectly. A couple of days ago i couln't get it to start.

There's no spark on the plug or voltage going through the spark plug lead. I've measured all the wires going into the coil and only the one on the left side (form behind) seems to have any life when kickstarting it. It worked perfectly the day before. When it comes to the electric I'm quite stupid to say the least. I've been told it's either the coil or the pickup by some friends of mine. But I've also been told you can usually notice some time before the pickup gives in on the engine. The engine was running smoothly as usuall the day before?

Got any tips on how I can check if it's the pickup, coil or anything else?




Have you disconnected the green wire on the right (from behind?) as this is the earth/cutout switch, if in doubt, its the wire coming from the loom, not stator.

coils tend  to break down, either, they are a bugger cold, or git hot[:)]  best to try a friends coil and see if that cures it.

then check stator for loose/broken/chaffed wires

To tell you the truth it's easier to replace the black pick up/white coil on the stator than checking,

but scootering did an article on the stator for the lammy, which is exactly the same.

hope this helps!