Px200e resto and lost newbie who needs help

Hi Guys,

This is my first Vespa build although I spent many year on 2 wheels (currently having BMW s1000xr with full exhaust, rapidbike evo and other bits and pieces) I’m new to Vespa world. I have a 93 Px200e and I want to have a complete rebuild. We already parted everything and it seems like I need piston, cylinder and crank.

I have spent some time on internet about Px200 modification but I’m now a bit confused about my part combination. Before listing down the parts that I have on my mind please let me tell you that Vespa will be used as fun commuter, I’m not planning to have journeys with it. Me and my wife have S1000xr for long journeys.

First I’m little confused If we can use 2016 Malossi Sport cylinder and piston kit (want to use Malossi because I like the nearly plug and play idea of the kit, I don’t want to mess up to much with the case porting and piston timings and etc.) with a 60mm crank. I heard that some people are having issues with rings when they use the setup with 60mm crank. If I go with 60mm crank I want to use a suitable head for that setup other than base gasket. The reason why I want to go that route is I don’t want to have 9000rpm screaming setup, I think linearity and torque is more useful than a picky high revving motor.  So please let me know your suggestions for 57mm or 60mm stroke crank on 2016 Malossi Sport kit.

Second, I want to keep the rotary valve carb setup. Should I go with a Pinasco si26 or Speco si26 or should I have a float chamber, drill the carb and etc ? I think I also have to say that I will be going for BGM Big Box Sport as exhaust.  

Third either 60mm or 57mm stroke crank witch intake timings should I go for crank? I’m more on to Mazu cranks but there are different intake timings…

Fourth, (for now J )as you can imagine I’m aming some thing like 18~20hp witch clutch and main gair combo shuld I look for ?

I’m sure that most of you will say that I didn’t red enough but as I’m new to this community and don’t have any experience on carb’ed two stokes I’m little over filled with what I red and confused. So I really need you guys me to point the right direction.

I also have some questions for front disc brake conversion, suspension, wide tubeless rims and etc. but let’s leave running gear issues for later.

Thanks form now for your comments.